Hoyland is an ethereal ambient, Neo-Classical experimental dark journey into the mind of Marc Azrael Hoyland and was formed in 2006. What with performing in Black Metal bands Ethereal Forest and Heathen Deity, and goth rock bands 13 Candles and The Realm, it was time to explore different and bleaker territory.

The original idea was to make dark, ethereal, electronic music, inspired by other acts such as Mortiis, Vond, latter Burzum and also diverse acts such as Clannad, Enya and Dead Can Dance mixed with a strong belief of Paganistic leanings.

The debut CD “Dance of the Twilight Stars” was written and recorded in the winter months of 2006 and 2007 in Norway and was released on Quartier23 Records, January 23rd 2010.
After the release of the debut album Hoyland received a positive reaction and was invited to participate on several compilation albums worldwide.

Writing for a second album began in the Summer months of 2010 and would be completed in the Autumnal months of 2011. During this time Hoyland started composing and demoing tracks for an EP/mini album called “Dreams Within a Dream” to break the near 2 years silence since the release of the debut album. Demo tracks were revealed but the release was postponed.

On the 23rd of January, 2012 the second Hoyland album, “Upon the Mountain Vastlands” was released, again on the German label Quartier23.

In April the album “The Trinity of Painted Symphonies” was released on the Naturmacht label. This album is a triple split album between Hoyland, Melankolia and Tamerlan.

March 2014 Hoyland signs with Nine gates Records.
In July of 2014 the album “Dreams Within a Dream” was released on Nine Gates records.

Listen to the music, experience the sounds and lose yourself in the Darkness of the dreamscape that is Hoyland.